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Torture Mansion Chapter 2: New Flesh, a horror fiction | FictionPress

2. New Flesh. It had been two days since Number Three''s death. It was on o''clock in the morning and Black was down in the basement holding a torch. He carefully opened the wooden door and peered inside. One of the beds had an empty space. Number Three, he thought, a new Number Three. I need a new one. He closed the door, smiling, and walked up ...

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"The Ballotine" by Gone Castration is Love

I asked her what it was and she said it was "a ballotine.". When I asked her what it was for, she said impishly, "It''s to cut your balls off whenever I want to.". I fell in love with the device immediately. When it was time for me to cum, she pulled my banded ball bag into a slot on the ballotine and clamped it shut.

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Videos about "ballbusting" on Vimeo

Ballbusting go_pandora. 1 year ago. crush balls for fun. 1 year ago. strong legs for destroy balls go_pandora. 1 year ago. Kick in the nuts in boxers. 2 years ago. kick in the nuts 4.

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Boo''s Castration Videos "WARNING: GRAPHIC* New Rider Forum

Jul 31, 2005. 15,944. 5,832. 113. Mar 7, 2013. #1. He was sedated and then given a dose of shortterm anaesthetic as well as an antiinflammatory and longacting antibiotic. The vet expected him to keel over quite quickly so her and her assistant braced to try to guide him the way they wanted him to fall. After five minutes, it was obvious that ...

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Hard Stories BME: Body Modification Ezine

Mary seperated my balls and pull with all her might to strech them. A large nail was then driven through the scrotum holding the balls well apart and available for crushing. I had expected that this would be quickly done. However, she did the left ball first after several lighter blows to ensure she take proper aim.

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"Testicular Juicing" BME: Tattoo, Piercing and Body Modification News

Puncture through the scrotum and outer skin of the testicle. Be ready with a cup or bowl to collect the juice. Collect and save the juice. Amaze your friends with the size of the spike in your testicle. Become aroused at the though of those friends drinking directly from your testicle. Drink and enjoy. Repeat steps one through eight.

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ball grabbing Wrestlingmale

Cloud Tag. 2vs1 3way abs bashing anal armpit arm wrestling ass eating ass play ass pounding ball grabbing barefoot bear bearhug big dick big load blond blowjob blowjob bondage boner boots bulge camel clutch championship belt choking coach cumshot cut cock cutcock daddy daddyandson doggy style european face sitting feet french kiss group hairy ...

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Torture and Testicle Crushing at Nuremberg Renegade Tribune

According to Van Roden''s book, American Atrocities in Germany, out of 139 cases of treatment of alleged German "war criminals" who were investigated by the commission—and who were subsequently put on trial by the American Military Tribunal in Dachau after World War II—" 137 of these Germans were tortured by having their testicles crushed ."

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Trample and Facesiting Stories: Red Carpet Trample

This time, however, her sole covered my smashed nose and her heel was on the ground just to the left of my mouth. The lady on my legs moved up to my cock, planted her heel on it, and just stood motionless, causing extreme agony. Another lady moved onto my legs; I was sure my knee cracked under the weight.

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The Hidden Torture Farm

Some Personal Reflections on the Hidden Torture Farm Event August 2015. Slave pj. I am the personal slave and property of Madame Catarina and in August this year I was allowed the honour of serving my Mistress and Owner at the Hidden Torture Farm event. What follows is an extract from my slave diary.

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Invincible: OmniMan''s Most Brutal Battles Are Even More Violent Than ...

Published Apr 22, 2021. OmniMan is one of the most violently powerful characters in the Invincible universe as evidenced by these extremely brutal battles. The battles depicted in Robert Kirkman, Cory Walker and Ryan Ottley''s Invincible series could be brutal and bloody, and it was often Invincible''s father OmniMan who proved that more often ...

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The final cut | | The Guardian

Oct 13, 2000A selfconfessed mother hen, Gelding has for four years been dispensing advice on his website to men who want, or think they want, to be castrated. In that time he''s had 5,000 enquiries from both ...

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Racing boss Robin Mortimer dies after sadistic session with ...

Robin Mortimer, 58, was found dead at the villa of the selfstyled torturer Mistress Lucrezia. The married father of one had paid £600 to be ''punished'' by two leatherclad women, it was claimed.

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London United Kingdom cities World Mistresses

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Your Balls Are Stronger Than You Think Men''s Health

Every guy alive has (probably) experienced an unpleasant and painful blow to the balls. And it hurts for a reason. "Evolutionarily, it makes sense," says Dr. Kramer. "Your body is made to ...

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GameSpy: 25 Extremely Rough Brawlers Page 1

These folks may have had intense formal training or just a lot of street experience. We''ll call them brawlers, men and women who love to play rough whether out of revenge or wicked personality. We celebrate the roughest 25 in no particular order. 1) Character: Blanka. Most recent appearance: Street Fighter IV.

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WrestleMen Stories

Man, I thought, he has to have the same big balls and endowment as I have. The drive in me to get into rough submission with him was growing, and I began to breathe harder. He had the same look." "No Holds Barred with Eddie" (Part 1) Written by Mean Rick "Nick suddenly realizes his predicament. ... "Crushed in the Crusher''s Thighs" Written by ...

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Ball Busting Comic Funnyjunk

Ball Busting Comic. Source: Source: . it says here that to counterattack, you must grab her tits

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Mister Poll

Genital destruction by electrocution as practised in Pol Pot''s regime was an absolutely horrid torture which completely destroyed the male offender''s genitals after immense suffering. Some males didn''t survive the torture, and others were executed following their electrocastration. Another variation used the same basic setup but didn''t employ ...

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How to Kick a Guy in the Balls: An Illustrated Guide Jezebel

Step One: Have a good reason for kicking the guy in the balls. The self defense model I teach from frames physical response to violence within the Ethic of Least Harm. Kicking a guy in the balls ...

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Video Mixed Italian Wrestling

Italian Wrestling: Video Mixed. {{}} age: {{[0]}} height: {{[1]}} weight: {{[2]}}

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