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Environmental effect of mineral exploitation in Nigeria Academic Journals

The three stages of mineral development, viz exploration, mining and processing, have caused different types of environmental damages, which include ecological disturbance, destruction of natural flora and fauna, pollution of air, land and water, instability of soil and rock masses, landscape degradation and radiation hazards.

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Top 20 Items You Can Export From Nigeria And Make Dollars Wealth Result

Garlic is also on top of the list of items you can export from Nigeria. 2. Palm Kernel Oil. Palm Kernel oil is the oil extracted from the pulp of palm fruit which is different from palm oil. Palm Kernel Oil is used for the manufacturing of various cosmetics, pharmaceutical products and confectioneries.

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Mineral Exploration Evaluation Nigeria Geological Survey Agency

Mineral Evaluation The Nigerian Geological Survey Agency has the technical expertise in Resource evaluation which is undertaken to quantify the grade and tonnage of any discovered mineral occurrence. This is achieved primarily by drilling to sample the prospective horizon, lode or strata where the minerals of interest occur.

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Oil exploitation and its socioeconomic effects on the Niger Delta ...

The issue of oil spillages and consequent environmental problems are prominent features of crude oil exploitation in Nigeria. In the Niger Delta, where the traditional economy is mostly dependent on natural resources, the destructive effects of oil spillages affect the livelihood of individuals, especially fishermen and farmers (Eweje 2006 ).

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Assessment of water resources development and exploitation in Nigeria ...

other iwrm issues of concern in nigeria especially in the northern part of the country [ 46] include surface water demands exceeding mean river flow, river channel blockages which hamper downstream water use, the impact of large dams on river flows, decline in groundwater levels in parts of river basins, reduction in the number of hydrometric .

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Ownership and Control of Mineral Resources Under the Shariah and ...

Ownership and Control of Mineral Resources Under the Shariah and Nigerian Statute. A Comparative Analysis Most countries have conferred the power/ownership

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Legal Framework for the Regulation of Waste in Nigeria Semantic Scholar

who infringe the provision of these laws. In Nigeria environmental problems which we are confronted with include those arising from mines and mineral exploitation, oil exploration, desertification, deforestation and problems associated with industrialization and urbanization as well as the problems of

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Social Inclusion of the disadvantaged groups in development: the ...

The major problem is the absence of good governance and non tracking of the resources accruing to the state and local governments from the federation account and internally generated revenue (IGR) and their utilization by the respective state organs.

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British mining companies'' exploitation in Sierra Leone ONE

Economic exploitation A major concern about the practices of foreign mining companies is their failure to pay adequate levels of tax. Christian Aid estimates that Sierra Leone will lose US131m from 201416 alone due to corporate income tax incentives granted to five mining companies an average of 44m a year.

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Resource Control and Allocation in Nigerian Federalism: the Oil ... Ijmrr

minerals sectors to the fast monoculturisation of Nigerian revenue base and economy with consistent and dislocated dependence on oil revenue (Watts, 2013:1). At the same time, the more Nigeria depended on oil, the more the conflict, controversy and politics over oil and resource control and allocation.

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problems of mineral exploitation in nigeria

Problem Of Mineral Exploitation In Nigeria Deforestation is a serious problem in Nigeria with forest loss occurring at Environmental effect of mineral exploitation in Nigeria exploitation; Sagamu Read More ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT OF LIMESTONE .

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Minerals And Mining Policies In Nigeria: Implications On Sustainable ...

Minerals Ordinance of 1946 and Allied Regulations which were reenacted as the Minerals Act of 1959 applied globally to the exploration and exploitation of minerals without any particular distinction to special sets of minerals singly or in groups. However, as years passed, the development of mining particular minerals

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stressed natural resources: human impact on land has caused several negative effects on the environment from over grazing, land clearing, bush burning, deforestation, poor land fallow system,...

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problem of mineral exploitation in nigeria

Exploitation of Nigeria''s huge solid mineral reserves has the ... is unfortunately still a problem. Establishing A Solid Mineral Database for A Part of Southwestern ... This will put an end to the problem of inadequate mineral resources database that has ... National Space Research and Development Agency, Abuja, Nigeria, 82p ...

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Mangrove restoration in oil impacted coastal areas of Nigeria

Oil spills maybe due to releases of crude oil from offshore platforms, drilling rigs and oil wells. Refined oils like petrol, kerosene and diesel can also spill. After the discovery of oil in the 1950''s exploration and exploitation activities in Nigeria has continually polluted the mangrove ecosystem in areas of oil mining.

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Oil boom in Nigeria and its consequences for the country s ... GRIN

Besides, mineral dependence has strongly been correlated with income inequality. [10] Natural resources tend to considerably increase the chances of civil conflicts in a country. [11] Strong tendency towards corruption; rentseeking mentality on the part of governing elites. [12] Diminishing willingness of governments to pursue reforms.

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TransBorder Crimes and Lingering Security Challenges in Nigeria, By Ya ...

these include human trafficking, money laundering, drug trafficking, arms smuggling, also known as proliferation of small arms and light weapons (salws), as well as proliferation of chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosives (cbrne), illegal oil bunkering, and illicit trafficking of mineral resources, business fraud, to mention .

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SocioEconomic Problems of Oil Exploration and Exploitation in Nigeria ...

economic problem of oil exploration and exploitations in the Niger Delta region. The paper identified abject poverty, deprivation, social conflict, occupational dislocation, ill health, etc. as some of the social and economic problems resulting from environmental pollution associated with oil extractions activities in the Niger Delta.

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Solid Mineral Resources of Nigeria

Hence, while the ongoing exploitation of mineral deposits results in depletion of the mineral resources, technological innovation in recovery and discovery, improved geologic understanding of the ore genesis and better commodity prices, all together may increase the mineral resource base.

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GEO ExPro Oil and Gas Challenges and Opportunities in Africa

Oil and Gas Challenges and Opportunities in Africa Despite the downturn in oil prices, exploration for oil and gas has continued in Africa, although with a concentration on the ''lowhanging fruit'' represented by low risk wells in areas of existing production that would yield rapid results.

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The Spatial System and Planning Strategies in Developing Countries JSTOR

Southeast Asia and East Africa, were never established in Nigeria. As Helleiner comments, "rather than acquiring the ownership of the means of production, as he [the foreigner] did elsewhere in his exploitation of mineral resources or establishment of plantations, he contented himself (or was forced to be content) with purchasing the

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Nigeria: Survey Reveals Large Scale Diamond Deposit in Katsina

Abuja — Preliminary result of a survey conducted in Katsina State has indicated the presence of large quantity of diamond in the state, Minister of Mines and Steel Development, Musa Mohammed Sada,...

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Nigeria Wikipedia

Nigeria (/ n aɪ ˈ dʒ ɪər i ə / ), officially the Federal Republic of Nigeria, is a country in West is situated between the Sahel to the north and the Gulf of Guinea to the south in the Atlantic covers an area of 923,769 square kilometres (356,669 sq mi), and with a population of over 218 million, it is the most populous country in Africa, and the world''s sixthmost ...

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